Founded by two sisters with degrees in both business and law, SMITH&SAINT was born from an understanding that sterile business sense is not mutually exclusive from creativity and artistry. In fact, when paired together, the two unearth a force to be reckoned with.

With a passionate and down-to-hustle team of marketers, designers, attorneys, and business-forward thinkers, we deliver a fully-integrated approach to talent management and social-first brand building.


We give a s**t. Keeping a small, tightly-knit roster of clients is of supreme importance to us, allowing us to take on the empathy needed to drive success in a way only those in the trenches could. We’re out on outdated processes and traditional agency mechanics, and big on getting it done.


britt st. george

co-founder and CEO


madison lees

co-founder and COO


Our team brings a unique blend of textbook business sense and creativity to the table.