Grander is an app that was created with the mission of inspiring, empowering, and providing multifaceted resources to the next generation of female leaders. Grander’s communities live on its app interface and also IRL, which is where Smith + Saint comes in. Grander enlisted SMITH&SAINT to bring The Grander Summit to life. Co-founded by Olympic Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin, Grander naturally began cultivating its first communities in female athletics, and namely, in gymnastics. With the Grander Summit, our goal was to present Grander to an even broader audience, delving into the world of female empowerment in general and focusing not only on athletes and aspiring Olympians, but also on girls and women who dream to be CEOs, scientists, trailblazers and makers of their own destiny. As such, The Grander Summit became a day to be inspired by women who have made their marks in their respective fields, gaining first-hand insights into their unique career paths, experiences, and key learnings.

The 2018 Grander Summit, which took place in Boston, presented three panels to its attendees: Entrepreneurship, Professional Athletes, and Health, Wellness & Beauty. Speakers included Stephanie Shepherd, Nikki Bella, Simone De La Rue, Katrin Davidsdottir, Rachel Lindsay, Robyn Glaser, Shawn Johnson, Kelly Brabants, Heather Andersen, Katie Warner Johnson, Alicia Yoon, Tara Foley, Laurie Hernandez, Amy Jo Martin, Amy Purdy, Nancy Kerrigan, Jordyn Wieber, Nicole Berrie, and Anne-Marie Kline.

The 2019 Grander Summit will be held in Los Angeles. Look out for our announcement of the final date!

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