Jugos, Boston's OG juice bar, has always relied on word of mouth marketing for all aspects of its business. It opened softly (quite literally) in Back Bay Station in 2012, and picked up commuters naturally. Then, #buenasvibes spread throughout the city via status symbols, which manifested as the unmistakable Jugos smoothie cup, ferried about the city by fitness-clad college students and businesspeople alike. Then, as one of the (if not the) first shops to sell smoothie bowls, Jugos became ubiquitous.   

So, you're thinking: why did Jugos need you? Ron Marcos, Jugos owner, being the entrepreneur that he is, wanted to tap into different consumer bases, and establish Jugos as a preeminent food and beverage shop not only in Boston proper, but also throughout the country. Our goal: to put Jugos on the must-eat list of Boston visitors, no matter their demographic.

The solution: stimulate user-generated content for a steady stream of posts (through promises of free menu items, reposts, and #merch), employ a highly-followed, carefully curated army of brand ambassadors to tap into a broader consumer base, connect Jugos with high-profile visitors of the Boston area, and engage with the wider health, wellness, fashion, and business communities through events and partnerships.

Check out Jugos on Instagram and Facebook, and if you're ever in Boston, check out their storefront at 145 Dartmouth Street (Back Bay Station).